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Unhomely Homes: 1
Alyshea Mo
Oil on wood

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Manoeuvring through listless and lethargic lives after graduating from arts school back in 2016, a group of us decided to come together and create Now & Again, a collaborative publication for new ideas.


Scattered across continents in different schools, grinding away at our own disciplines, our artistic practices have come to be shaped by the distinct environments, cultures, and people we come into contact with. As a result, the ways in which we view and perceive themes and ideas have started to diverge, extending our perceptions of certain concepts far beyond what we learned together before.


We’re using Now & Again as a sketchbook of sorts, where a simple theme is developed through a mix of individual projects, showcasing a variety of interpretations and studies to reflect our diverse personal perspectives.


As a platform for new ideas and experiments, throughout the various editions of Now & Again, we invite contributors of various backgrounds to participate and collaborate with other creators who are keen to have their ideas heard and realised.


Spontaneous ideas come and go. Now & Again is ultimately a collection of those ideas, a springboard for new, innovative projects and collaborations.

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This issue of Now & Again delves into the concept of The Uncanny — the elusive liminal state between the familiar and the foreign. Contributors across various artistic disciplines assess the nooks and crannies within this phenomenon, exploring the varied experiences of this visceral paradox.

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