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Deeply impacted by his childhood interest of waterbending as seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Yi An only realised all his art pieces were related to water halfway through developing his body of works. He considers himself primarily a writer and designer, and has always been fascinated with exploring the subtleties of everyday occurrences. By drawing attention to the small details around us, Yi An hopes to communicate new ideas and prompt alternative perspectives through sustainable and innovative methods. Although he loves to experiment with conceptual design, Yi An also has an affinity for the fashion industry and intends to take up a directive role for fashion media in the future, drawing connections between the nuances of common occurrences with the way we present ourselves. His favourite song has also consistently been ‘Paris’ by The 1975. It’s the vibe he strives to achieve.



Intrigued and fascinated by humanity’s creative ingenuity, Nathaniel has developed a keen interest in documenting cultures and ways of life. From the indigenous villages along the Thai-Burmese borders, listening to stories of tribal warfare and spirits recounted from the mouths of the Akha and Mien tribes, to photographing Philippine communities still recovering from the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, he relishes getting lost and seeking out the most authentic of moments through his travels. It’s his dream to share what he has witnessed with the world through photography.



A former Painting student turned an Industrial Design one, a hermit who loves to stay at home in her pyjamas but passive-aggressively tweets about her boredom, a Kendrick Lamar fan who also bops to sparkly sweet Japanese boyband Arashi, has a passion for vacuuming but vehement hatred for dish-washing - Diyana gathers all her contradictions and quirks into her works and kisses them goodnight. She may also be a little obsessed with cats.



When Alyshea’s not busy making to-do lists, dyeing her hair a new shade of CrazyVirgo or drowning in the visual chaos of Instagram, she takes time off at sea with family and enjoys the idea of a moving address. She has learned to love the humidity of home as she now resides in temperamental London weather and finds herself stumbling into colder, Nordic regions. In between art school, she works as a part-time waitress, puts up exhibitions with friends and tries at a social life; functioning on copious amounts of sleep or none at all. Stopping constantly to admire life’s mirages, she refers to the world we belong to as a stage: we are all performers and audiences alike, possessing both the roles of the observer and the observed, the sender and the receiver. Her personal life project is to break down the understanding of self within new spaces, rejecting comfort, and eliciting an awareness of being and all of life’s oddities.



When he isn't hovering around tour groups uninvited, Fikri voraciously consumes East Asian television with the sincere, albeit naïve conviction that it somehow makes him smarter. Spending most of his time off work alone, he has acquired the rare yet useless knowledge of the best places to read travel books. His current occupation has left him extremely cynical and he responds to questions about NS with an indignance and peevishness that is highly uncalled for. To mitigate this, he channels his opinionated energy into photography, lazily charting the common streets of Singapore to find little moments of humanity, and to connect with individuals at rates of 1/60th of a second. Lately, he has frequently been spotted at the airport, gazing with wishfulness and scorn at those who are free to travel, yearning for the time he too can be let loose upon the world.



During the intervals when she wakes up to realise she has just taken a good eight-hour nap, Beverly is usually designing for various commissioned works, such as yearbooks, websites and social media platforms. An enthusiast of just about anything, Beverly loves experiencing new things and gaining more insight into the ever-developing landscape of communicative media, although she also enjoys a good meal and Netflix in bed (alone for some me time) when she gets the chance. She has also dabbled in photography, and likes to capture candid moments of human interaction and spontaneity that bring up certain quirks we don’t usually get to see in our everyday lives.



Since leaving the shackles of school in 2016, Cally has dyed her coffee-brown hair to green, jet black and the purple of Barney’s bodysuit. Always aiming to break the status quo, Cally looks at the concepts we’ve been taught and questions their premise, believing that there is simply more to what we know. She recently started a project called ‘no ceiling paper wall’ with NOISE, where she and her teammates question the idea of the white cube space, and consider the possibilities of an alternative alternative space - believing that an exhibition can be extended beyond the four walls of a gallery to the pages of a publication. She currently resides in Tokyo studying Textiles, and during her free time likes to make collages or embroider her own apparel, usually revolving around imagery of films she’s recently watched, the moon, and naked women. In her own world, they are all connected.



After a dreadful first year in university in an Architecture course, Safiah is beginning to see with her skin, feel with her eyes and taste the darkness of the room as if it were thawing on her tongue. Photography has played a large part in her creative process and perception of the world. With a routine of compressing her travel experiences and site visits into 32-gigabyte storage cards, her reality has become increasingly steered towards what’s displayed on the camera. Creating collages with her swelling volume of photographs to the sombre sounds of Oskar Schuster has become an outlet for her to amalgamate and reorganise her realities. When Safiah is not in her dorm making collages or at home folding clothes while contemplating the randomness of life, you will find her either serving Gnocchi and Margherita di Bufala at an Italian restaurant or sharing candid conversations with strangers at an exhibition space under the guise of a gallery sitter, trying to tease out the snags of life.

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