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Alyshea is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Singapore after receiving her BFA in University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art. She explores the notion of belonging through painting, sound, video installations and performance. Her search for a sense of home exists in between spaces of inside and outside, the familiar and the uncanny, the observer and observed; with an underlying personal take on queerness and religion. She also art directs for films and performances, and runs her shop, BYALYMO.


Anastasia Lara is a graphic designer who was trained in Design Communication. During her studies, she found interest in speculative design and art direction. With a rebellious attitude, Anastasia’s inspiration stems from looking at the alternative, constantly ping-ponging within her design processes.

Yi An



Yi An is the founder and editor of Now & Again. As of 2022, he is finishing his studies in Interaction Design Arts at London College of Communication. His design practice is mainly motivated by material experimentation, everyday happenstance and resolving problems with unconventional ways of thinking. He also works as a part-time Creative Production Assistant at Duna Films, where he assists with film productions, and designs and illustrates graphic work for films centred on climate, conservation, innovation and purposeful change.

Chiara Scoglio is an Italian writer and puppetry theatre maker based in the UK, studying at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her art always attempts to merge words and visuals while exploring her sense of self and experience of the outside world. She loves literature, cinema and the visual arts, and would define her practice as a patchwork of inspirations and impressions. She dreams of working as a filmmaker and developing her puppetry experiments into final products both children and grown-ups alike can enjoy.




“Growing up I was always the one that would run away or hide my face whenever a camera came out. In my early twenties a mix of becoming seriously unwell as well as a couple of supportive creative friends led to me picking up a camera and I haven’t looked back since. My journey as a photographer has been and to this day remains simple. Even after over ten years, it is quite simply to create a style that is uniquely mine. The goal is to achieve images that people see and instantly know that they are by me, Craig Taylor-Broad.”

As an anthropologist and multispecies ethnographer-in-training, Dawn is interested in the social lives of materials, and the interspecies relationships that become meaningful in gathering notions of value in communities. She believes in the value of multisensory creative exploration and experiences, anthropological imagination, and discursive resistance in rethinking the realities of today. In her own time, Dawn enjoys decompressing by taking walks, cycling and visiting neighbourhood vegetable gardens.




Didi is a freelance illustrator who loves drawing people, places and pets in bright and cosy environments. She currently takes commissions and runs DidiShop. She also likes taking bus rides everywhere because the new snazzy buses in Singapore don't give her motion sickness.

Dilog Studios is an experimental studio that advocates purposeful design through communication, education and community engagement. As a studio, they believe that investing in everyday spaces creates value for economic and environmental sustainability.




Elizabeth Alster's practice focuses on moving image and multimedia installations. She often merges these two mediums together to explore the boundary between theatre and sculpture, which in her recent works she has been doing through the use of underwater animatronics, puppetry and illusion.

ila is a visual artist whose works often materialise through video, performance, prose and installations. Through weaving imagined narratives into existing realities, she seeks to create alternative nodes of experience and entry points into the peripheries of the unspoken, the tacit and the silenced. Using her body as a space of tension, negotiation and confrontation, her works generate discussion about gender, history and identity in relation to pressing contemporary issues.

Jia Le
Jo C


Jia Le Ling is a Singaporean artist working and living in Maryland, USA. Ling works between performances, sculptures, and installations that centre around overcoming personal fears and being genuine about the various experiences he has with the people, materials, and events around him. Jia Le received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). His most recent exhibits and performances include his first solo show, Dance of a Quiet Boy at the Meyerhoff Piano Gallery, MICA; Meridian Prologue at Current Space in Baltimore MD; Asia in Maryland at the Asian Arts and Culture Center, Towson University, Baltimore MD and Unravel Unrest at The Crown in Baltimore MD.


Jo Collective is an art collective aiming to create alternative spaces for artists, non-artists and audiences. They are interested in participatory projects, discussions, and talks to coexist with object-based artworks in an exhibition space which encourages blurred boundaries between an artist and a viewer. Jo Collective is a welcoming place for early-career artists who are unrepresented and starting out. In Through the Crowd, they had worked and collaborated with people who come from non-artistic backgrounds as well as artists, including but not restricted to: a London tour guide, florist, bookstore manager, historian of medicine, classical pianist, etc. The lectures are uploaded on their YouTube channel. They welcome anyone who would like to take part.




Artist and art therapist from Singapore — Wan Xiang’s practice is a process of self-inquiry, discovery and also used as a means of spontaneity and play. They are interested in using drawing, found objects and symbols interchangeably to frame and reflect themes of self and belonging.

Honest and raw, Joy’s music surges forth with a powerful depth of emotions, something birthed out of an acute emotional sensitivity and their seemingly effortless craft to translate these vulnerabilities into resonant music. They believe in a seamlessness between the mood of a song and its architecture, all while tirelessly working towards shaping a sound true to themselves.



Megan Jones is an independent researcher specialising in the Middle Ages. Her research interests involve the post-medieval legacy and reception of the Middle Ages and the ideological potency of the period in modern discourses. Megan is keenly interested in how the medieval inhabits the modern and vice versa, and uses medieval concepts of race, sex, gender, and the senses to shed light on contemporary preoccupations, blurring the boundaries of ‘then’ and ‘now’. In her free time, Megan dabbles in perfumery, using the transportive nature of scent to capture something of the past. She is also a keen gardener and enjoys cultivating her garden in South Wales, UK.


Natalie likes to read mainly nonfiction books on society, queerness and the climate. An avid reader with a penchant for rambling on a tangent, Natalie hopes to encourage her audience to think more critically about everyday issues one book recommendation at a time. If not found mid-existential meltdown, she is likely making bookish content over at @anattynook (IG/YT/Tiktok).



Rafi is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Her work spans across youth, environment and community and how these intersect with the creative arts. To date her portfolio ranges from branding and consulting for grassroots organisations in the private and third sector, to art directing acclaimed fashion magazines and commercial photo shoots for global brands. She has recently designed the latest issue The Metaverse, of renowned photographer Rankin’s Hunger Magazine.


Rochelle Edelweiss Boon is a professional chameleon: a trained actor and certified financial advisor, who straddles the worlds of Art and Finance with ease. Prior to joining LASALLE College of the Arts, from which she graduated with a degree in Acting (2017-2020), she completed the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (Theatre) at School of the Arts, Singapore (2011-2016). She is a performance maker who excels in directing, writing, stage managing, designing, and a long laundry list of other pertinent skills. She thrives in collaborative environments and revels in empowering others to bring their ideas to life. Rochelle continues to develop herself as a writer and intends to stage her spoken word pieces in the near future (or publish them as poetry who knows). She is also fluent in Japanese and has great interest in Japanese theatre, her thesis being centred around one of Japan’s newest forms of Theatre, ‘2.5-Dimensional Musicals’. Do ask her about it. She’d be more than happy to share.



Sean Wang is an undergraduate caught in the in-between of things. When he’s not reading, writing or editing, he spends his time searching for the best matcha lattes or stumbling through galleries with a film camera. Originally a notes app poet, he is now exploring notes app flash fiction and essays. His writing has appeared in ‘Rattle’, ‘Capsule Stories’, ‘Dismantle’ and others. He is interested in the articulation of suffering and the mythologisation of the personal. Currently, he is working on a series of projects to document his family’s history as their only child. He believes that history must be recorded from the most microscopic level — the personal and the familial. These are the words and photos he wants to show his own children if the world doesn’t end by then.


Sin Melia is a recent graduate from the National University of Singapore, where she studied Sociology and Southeast Asian Studies. Since graduating from School of the Arts, Singapore in 2016 where she studied theatre, Melia has redirected her passion for the art form into stage management and has worked with artists like Ang Gey Pin, Yarra Ileto and Goh Shouyi.

Art Naming


art naming 奇能 begins with semi autobiographical intimate performance works the personal made public political often times participatory and interprets them into other media such as installation or video or artist documents to deal with and transform the live event documentation problem and always from the bodily repeating gestures like catching tofu thrown, picking things up with my foot or holding isolated still when moving on an empty rooftop in a framed video then concerned with the tension between the temporal and the lasting the intangible and the material time a major theme but more importantly how we deal with its slippage and the fact that this existence will end

his work is presented in and between the performing arts and visual arts spaces. he is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) in Plastic Arts with Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan.

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