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sound launch

18th December 2019

7:30pm ~ 10pm

White Label Records

28 Ann Siang Road #01-01



Now & Again is a collaborative publication and independent zine that's a celebration of new ideas — the sudden outburst of inspiration that comes from the least likely of places. It’s a platform to collaborate, discuss, and push the boundaries of what we know. Using Now & Again as a sketchbook of sorts, each edition sees the many ways of interpreting a simple theme through a mix of individual projects, reflecting our diverse personal perspectives.

A huge thank you to Joy Alexis, Shirin Keshvani, Khym Fong and Kiran Keshvani for the performances, and to everyone who attended the launch on 18th December!

Enjoy the second issue!


Special thanks to White Label Records & Melody Central 

Photos taken by Beverly Chew & Jule Wong




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